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Reasons Why Today/Life Is Very Difficult

1. My car is leaking oil

2. I can’t afford to make it stop

3. My laptop will not hold a charge and I don’t know why

4. My laptop will not hold a charge and it’s the middle of midterms

5. Tomorrow I have to finish a paper, take a quiz, go to a group meeting about the paper, and finish 8 Cost Accounting problems, all of which are sure to be very difficult

6. Brandon and I have accidentally been spending more money than was prudent recently, and now we’re in a bit of a pickle

7. I have an overdue Finance problem to do

8. I have a 5 page paper with accompanying quizzes due Wednesday

9. The only time I have in which to complete #8 is Monday after 8:15pm and Tuesday after 6:30pm

10. In addition to the homework I have due for tomorrow, I have to go to Smalldog to fix my laptop, go to Petco to get nail clippers and a leash, and go to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription that I have yet to call in, and was not supposed to have to call in but I forgot to call my insurance company this month

11. I received a bill for $155 and I have no idea what it’s for

12. I received a $5 charge to my debit card from a yarn store and I’m pretty sure it was an error

13. There are dishes in my sink, even though I just did dishes

14. My apartment is a mess, even though I just cleaned it

15. We are out of food, even though I just spent $150 on food in the last two weeks

16. There is poop on our floor because the ferrets will not go in the litter box even when we place them in there. No matter how often we clean it, there’s always more.

17. On top of work, school, apartment, and pets, I have five craft projects that I am currently completing for other people. I’m happy to do it, but it’s definitely another stresser

18. I have to have my schedule figured out by Monday at 4:00pm

19. I just bought a new bed that I can’t use because the ferrets nested in the box spring and we will crush them if we try to sit on it, and it’s too wide to reach them to get them out. It is now just a mattress on the floor.

20. My back, hips and legs are in constant pain from sleeping on said mattress on the floor.

21. I am not getting enough sleep and feel always tired

22. I may be coming down with something

23. I am undisciplined, and am kicking myself for how I’ve let things get this dire (again).

24. I told my sister that I would go see her college that is in Rhode Island (I live in Vermont) next weekend, and now have a car that can’t make the trip and am in the middle of midterms.

25. Any time I get a second of relaxation time I am so exhausted and grateful for it that I waste it on sitting and relaxing (though usually also doing one of said craft projects) instead of doing the dishes or doing homework.

26. I just had a three-day weekend and already feel like I need another one.

27. I am hungry

28. I am feeling like the worst girlfriend in the world because I’ve been whining, complaining, and freaking out about all the stuff I have to do, even though Brandon is equally stressed. He never complains about it and always comforts me.

29. I have no idea what to do with my life, and I only have 6 months to decide

30. It’s 1:00am, and I have to get up at 8:30 tomorrow.

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